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House of Nine Sorority

A unique space where Black women gather for self-mastery & sisterhood.

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Our Sorority

Our History

Since 2020, House of Nine has welcomed strong-willed and intelligent Black women into our Sorority. Founded by a group of young and courageous Black women who took a leap of faith to form this chapter, our hope is to keep the legacy alive for generations to come.

We encourage self-growth and success by offering alumni networking opportunities, monthly workshops, and a variety of events throughout the year, which promotes leadership while empowering self and the community. 

What is House Of Nine

A unique space where Black women gain:


An abundant space where like-minded Black women feel space to learn, grow and explore.


We provide valuable tools, principles, and practices to help Black women thrive inside and out.


We are dedicated to seeing our members evolve in all aspects of life.

Workshop + Events

We create workshop and events designed to educate and inspire development amongst Black women.

Future Skills Advocate

We focus on future skills development to help generate wealth in the Black community.


We give access to elite experts, mentors, and support to help you achieve your goals.


Sisters In Solidarity Program 

Are you a Black woman entrepreneur seeking to strengthen your business, connect with a supportive community, and access valuable resources? Look no further! The Sisters in Solidarity Program is here to help you break through systemic barriers, build meaningful relationships, and elevate your entrepreneurial journey.

No events at the moment

Sorority Leaders

Get to Know Us


Jillisa Brown

Co-Founder & President

Jillisa is the Co-Founder and President of House of Nine Sorority. Her mission is to support Black women with exuding confidence in the direction of their purpose. For Jillisa, House of Nine Sorority is an avenue that helps women get to know themselves while through “each one, teach one” philosophies.

Jillisa’s passion to serve Black women is also transmuted through her divine work as a Holistic Doula and Maternity Reiki Specialist. Favourite quote: “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

Meet and Support Like-Minded Black Women

House of Nine is your ultimate opportunity to invest in yourself, have important and deep conversations with sisters, and be genuinely supported by Queens of the past, present, and future.

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